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1. How can I order?

Please log in to your account first. If you don't have an account you can create one with your first order. Please add the items you want to order to your basket. Click on your basket an move forward to the checkout. As final step you can choose how you would like to pay and with which shipping company you want to ship your order.

2. Can I cancel my order if it is not shipped yet?
Cancellations are possible at as long your package hasn´t been packed. Please call us so that we can check your request. You can reach us within our business hours. Our phone number is [+49] (0) 17634314135
Please notice that customers who cancel too many article´s or withdraw often, won´t be preferably treated in the assignment of items. We also won´t accept delayed payment from that moment on, so you have to pay immediately (Paypal / Credit card / Bank transfer). That is the only way for us to keep our prices and shipping costs as low as possible. Thank you for your understanding! 
3. How long does it take until records are back in stock?

As we are selling mostly 2nd hand vinyl, we cannot guarantee that one specific record will be back in stock. If you are looking for a specific Record/ Tape, just send us a message and we will notify you if we stock this article again and place a pre-order for you.

4. How can i add more articles to my current order?

If your order hasn´t been packed you can always add more items. Just put them in your basket and send us the order. They will be added automatically to your current order. 

Shipping & Returns:

1. Which shipping costs apply?

It depends on they delivery company you choose.

Here you can find an overview:

2. In which countries do you deliver?

Here you will find an overview of all countries and the possible shipping options: 

3. What can I do if I receive a damaged parcel?

If your parcel looks already damaged on the outside when you receive it, please reject the parcel at the deliverer because of the damage and contact us. If you have any damages after you have already accepted your parcel, please send us an mail with photos to: Please also don´t throw away the shipping carton and contact us immediately because there are deadlines for damage reports.

4. What do I do if my package won't arrive in time?

Please check the tracking first. If there aren't any news or if they are any dissonant entries, please contact customer service.

5. Where can I track my parcel?

On the shipping day you will receive the tracking number and a link for the tracking from us via mail. You can also log in to your account and find it there. Just click on „Account“ → „Order“ → "Tracking"


1. How can i deactivate the newsletter?

Please log in into your account. Then click on „Account“ -> „Settings“. On the right bottom side you can find the settings „AUTOMATED MAILS“. Just choose „No, please don't send me mails like this.“

1. Why am I not receiving any newsletter mails?

Because of the new data protection regulation (EU-DSGVO) we need again your premission whether you want to get the newsletter or not. Please click on „Account“ -> „Settings“. On the bottom left side you can find the options. Choose „YES“ and you will receive the newsletter again.

3. How can I receive the newsletter for my saved artists and labels?

Please click on „Account“ -> „LABELS“ or „ARTISTS“. Here you can activate the mail updates.