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"People still want to hold something,
look at images, see it move."

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This online record shop offers mostly 2nd hand vinyl, new casettes & handcrafted accessories with a focus on electronic music, created for music lovers, diggers and everyone else.

Browse thru our shop by clicking one of the categories “Vinyl”, “Tapes” or “Accessories” and see whats in store for you. You are looking for a specific genre or style? Use the search bar above.

Why analog music ?

The rising popularity of cassettes and the steadily increasing sales of records in recent years have left a lot of people scratching their heads. A fair share of naysayers have pegged the comeback of analog media as just another hipster trend or a “pining for a golden age that never existed”.

For the past half-decade though, their ongoing relevance have been hard to deny with e.g. the annual Cassette Store Day launching in 2013 and since becoming a sizeable international event.


As more and more labels announce exclusive cassette & record releases, it feels like this is a “gimmick” that won’t be going anywhere soon. It still feels valuable to talk about the many positives that have come from their increased presence in the dance music landscape. 

Who knows, maybe it’s time we dust off our vinyl collections and stop hiding behind our Rekordbox folders.

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Our Story

This shop was founded to share music for a fair price with the community. Its not our goal to generate big profits, thats why we ignore the rarity of records and sell them all just for a price based on their condition.

We want to share the passion for vinyl culture through our carefully curated selection and handmade accessories.

You can share that love too by keeping your records in rotation.

If you own records or tapes you don’t want or like anymore send a message to

Every record sold by us is checked for any damage, deep cleaned and packed into a brand new sheet & cover.

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